Sean Avery picks Ryan Gosling to portray him on film

Last month, news broke that Sean Avery's adventures as an intern at Vogue would be turned into a film by New Line Cinema. We put together a list of potential cinematic Avery avatars, ranging from Channing Tatum to Bradley Cooper to Philip Seymour Hoffman (why not, right?). Well, the Dallas Stars forward has revealed to Newsweek his choice to portray him on film: Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling.

The supporting facts: Gosling is Canadian. If this is supposed to be a romantic comedy, Gosling has made women in the audience swoon in "The Notebook"; as for comedy ... well, the guy was also Young Hercules. And in a move Avery no doubt endorses, Gosling has also sparked romance with his co-stars, like the delicious Rachel McAdams; and, we assume, his leading lady in "Lars and the Real Girl."

Gosling doesn't do many "something that guys can take their girls to" movies, as Avery defined his life on screen. But maybe he'll make an exception to don the suit shorts and black nail polish.

Please note that Newsweek opened its brief examination of the former New York Rangers' love of fashion by calling him "the human equivalent of jock itch." Which we're sure is now the status update on Avery's Facebook page.

Thanks to Puck Daddy reader Michael for the tip.

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