‘Not a Wise Choice,' 8-Year-Old Girl Pens Letter to Cole Beasley

What to Know

  • Cole Beasley attended Little Elm High School and went to Southern Methodist University on scholarship.
  • He was signed by the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2012
  • He has been a wide receiver with the Cowboys for seven seasons and has 319 receptions, 3.271 receiving yards and 23 receiving touchdowns.

Dallas Cowboys fans had strong reactions to the announcement that Cole Beasley was leaving the Dallas Cowboys to play with the Buffalo Bills.

More than 500 fans commented on the NBC DFW Facebook post Tuesday.

"Nooooooo.he's one of my favorites....." said Karen Ellis Moriarty.

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"Cowboys your losing a great player..their goes a lot of future points," said Lawson Mowles.

"Unbelievable. Sad day for Cowboys fans. At least we have Witten coming back," said Diannna Ritzer.

"Cole Beasley your breaking a 71 year old ladies heart.... I know its not your fault but you are going to be missed. Wishing you the best of luck," said Teddy Inman.

Well Teddy's heart isn't the only one breaking.

Amanda Ventura sent us a photo (above) of a note her 8-year-old daughter wrote to No. 11:

"Dear Cole Beasley,
Why just why did you go to the Bills team? You did it just for money? That was not a wise choice.
Sincerely, Alden Ventura
P.S. You better come back or else."

Amanda said, "My 8 year old daughter hates to see Cole Beasley go! My daughter is a big fan. And is angry. And has taken to idle threats. We love Cole and wish him the best!"

Some NBC DFW Facebook fans understood why Beasley was leaving and wished him well:

David R West said, "29 million. .... go get paid son , and best of luck to you!"

"Good for Beasley, their careers aren't that long as it is, go make your money," said Mark Kindsvatter.

Some blamed the Cowboys General Manager:

"Another ridiculous Jerry Jones move," said Harland Brooks Jr.

"Go ahead and fly Beasley you go get that ring as long as Jerry Jones has his hand in the pot here in Dallas you will never have a Super Bowl ring go get that ring boy good luck and you are one hell of a player I will remember your name good luck," said Adrian Ochoa.

Others understood the salary cap issues:

"Cowboys couldn't afford him. They have better players than Cole they have to work out contracts for like Tank Lawrence, Dak, and Amari Cooper. There's only so much money to go around," said Todd Hutson.

Others did not share in the feelings of loss. You can join the conversation on NBCDFW's Facebook page.

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