No League Discipline Coming for Cowboys, Rams

The Cowboys and Rams cut their joint workout on Tuesday short after a brawl broke out

The NFL won’t be punishing the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams in any way for the full-on rumble that unfolded on the practice field on Tuesday in Oxnard, CA.

The league seems to like doling out punishments for just about anything, so maybe this comes as something of a surprise. But as NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ProFootballTalk this week, because the fight happened during practice and not a game, it’s a team matter--any discipline would have to come down from the team itself.

These have always been club matters,” McCarthy said. “If a fight occurs off the football field, it would fall under the Personal Conduct Policy. Otherwise, practice is a club matter.”

Earlier in the week, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones declared that no one wants these fights to happen, but they’re incredibly difficult to avoid and there is no clear-cut solution other than ending joint practices--and no one wants that.

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