Jerry Calls For A More Serious Marty B

Owner Jerry Jones has always been a supporter of Martellus Bennett, the team's second tight end and unabashed leader in shameless self promotion, so much so, in fact, that he turned down a trade offer from the Cleveland Browns at the deadline that, according to the owner, would have given Dallas a "premium" draft pick and a game-ready player (among others) for the former Aggie.

But after a season rife with disappointment for Bennett, Jones had a stern piece of advice for the often jocular tight end: get to business. The owner and general manager cited Anthony Spencer and Mike Jenkins, both of whom saw significant improvement in 2009, as examples of what can happen when this proverbial business is gotten down to properly.

"There's a big difference in the down-to-business of those two guys. Spencer has been down to business since he walked in the door," Jones said, per the Cowboys blog at Dallas Morning News. "Bennett can get down to business. I know that he can ... The bottom line is, we all see what a tremendous weapon he is and can be. His blocking is really as impressive as his ability to be a big target for [Tony] Romo. I'm confident he sees that. He's extremely smart. He can get it. I think focus would be the word."

This is a hopeful idea for Cowboys fans, who, after a tremendous preseason and higher-than-high expectations, will probably remember Bennett most this season as Jones' co-star in a weird but kind of appetizing ad for Papa John's pizza.

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But Bennett's co-star Jones, of course, wants Bennett's notoriety to be the result of effectiveness on the field, as opposed to ultra-visibility off of it. Said Jones:

"He will get a lot more Tweets if he's a big-time ballplayer than he will just off of his creative ability."

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