Irvin: Cowboys Would’ve Won 5 Super Bowls if Jimmy Stayed

Jimmy Johnson rebuilt the Cowboys and coached them to two Super Bowl wins in the early 90s


Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin won three Super Bowls as a member of the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s, but he can’t help but think he and his teammates could have won more--if Jimmy Johnson had stayed.

Of course, Johnson famously split after the 1993 season and his second consecutive Super Bowl victory with the Cowboys, the result of a bitter disagreement with owner Jerry Jones. Had that disagreement never manifested itself in a semi-public blowup all those years ago, had Johnson stuck around, Irvin believes the team of the 1990s could’ve won five rings. Maybe more.

“When Troy [Aikman] and I get together we look at each other--and I’m telling you there’s not a time we don’t get together (and say) ‘We should’ve at least had five ourselves,’” Irvin told the Talk of Fame Network recently. “We should’ve won five. We should’ve at least walked away with a minimum of five Super Bowls.

“That’s a minimum I really do believe that. You look back on it now, and if I had the sense I have now ... if I had it then ... we certainly would have won five Super Bowls. It just works out that way. It still gets to me, man. I’m telling you. It really does.”

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