If Romo's Never Hurt, Aikman Sees Cowboys Sitting at 6-3

Troy Aikman believes the Cowboys would be sitting at at least 6-3 if Tony Romo were never hurt

There’s little doubting the Dallas Cowboys’ season would look different at this point had Tony Romo not broken his collarbone in Week 2, sending the Cowboys (it turns out) to an 0-7 slide in his absence. But how different?

Hall of Fame quarterback turned FOX analyst Troy Aikman discussed that “what-if” scenario in discussing Romo’s return to action with the Musers on 1310-AM The Ticket this week, opining that if Romo had never been hurt, the Cowboys would have scored a touchdown more per game over these last seven weeks. If they had scored a touchdown more per game, they’re 4-3 in that span, and sitting atop the NFC East at 6-3.

The bad news is this is pure speculation, and worth exactly nothing to the Cowboys’ season. The good news is that Romo is finally back, set to return to non-hypothetical football on Sunday.

I expect them to play a lot better,” Aikman said, per the Dallas Morning News. “I think that it's safe to say that if Tony had been playing the last seven weeks, I think he's worth at least seven points in a game for the offense. And if you believe that, then there's at least four wins there. So, it'll look different. He's obviously more comfortable with the offense; the players are more comfortable with him. Some of the sacks don't occur. With him in the pocket, he's able to prolong some of the possessions and avoid the rush.”

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