Gregory Says He’s Fine at Current Weight, But Looking to Add More

Randy Gregory was selected by the Cowboys with the 60th overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft


One of the more popular on-field criticisms of Cowboys rookie defensive end Randy Gregory is that he might be too slim, too light.

On the one hand, there’s Jason Taylor, who made a Hall of Fame career wreaking havoc from the end position with a body type very similar to that of Gregory. On the other hand, there was only one Jason Taylor, and the tall, relatively-slim and dominant pass rusher remains a rarity.

At 6-foot-6, Gregory himself doesn’t lend much credence to the idea though, saying (a) That he’s been doing just fine at his current playing weight, (b) He’s already put on weight since being drafted by the Cowboys in the second round, and (c) He intends to just keep getting bigger.

“I think I actually did OK playing at the weight that I played at in college. I was 235, 240 pretty much my whole college career,” Gregory said, per Bleacher Report. “I've heard people say that I played bigger than my actual weight. I think if people actually sit down and watch game film, they'll see that I don't actually get pushed around as much as people say I do. I think people just assume, ‘He has a light body. He's a pass rusher. He must not be a good run defender.’ But I think if you ask anybody on the staff, Coach [Rod] Marinelli or anybody else, they'll tell you I'm doing a good job setting the edge and added weight is only going to help me. So I'm planning to add more.”

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