Frog Fans Battle the Elements Before Big Game

Die-hard TCU fans braved the wind, rain and snow during their pilgrimage to Pasadena.

TCU students Will McKay and Beau Tiongson left Will's parents house in Kentucky three days ago. 

They drove to California and made it just in time for Friday's TCU pep rally outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

They are the first to say it wasn't an easy drive.

"We went through a snow storm, blizzard really, in northern Arizona and rain everywhere else," said Beau Tiongson.  Their car even broke down once they pulled onto Interstate 5 in Los Angeles. 

"We got here in one piece, I'm out $600 bucks, but I'm ecstatic to be here," said Will McKay.

The two will join more than 35,000 TCU fans inside the Rose Bowl tomorrow for the big game. 

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