Flozell Fined, Not Suspended

The hammer has come down on Cowboys tackle Flozell Adams for his blindside shove of Justin Tuck and his tussle with Mathias Kiwanuka on Sunday. The judgment? A $50,000 fine, but no suspension for the violations.

Adams will be free to suit up for the Cowboys on Sunday as they try and keep Shawne Merriman and the Chargers defense off of Tony Romo.

Fifty-grand is no small fine, given that the league has doled out lesser fines to other players this year, like $10K on Brady Quinn for a nasty chop block, and $20K and $30K apiece on Chad Ochocinco for his celebratory antics. But Adams is a millionaire many times over, so obviously this is not exactly the stiffest punishment the league could dole out.

Did Adams deserve to be suspended? You can watch the tape here and decide for yourself. Obviously, the Giants think Adams deserved to be suspended and hung from meathooks by his ears. Being a Cowboys fan, you’ll feel differently. Regardless, the thing you need to take away from this whole incident is that Flozell Adams will ALWAYS do stupid things on the field. He’ll never clean up his act. There’s no reforming Flozell. If he was dumb enough to shove Justin Tuck from behind when he was already caught tripping and injuring Tuck in the first Giants game, then the big man is hopeless. He really is. You aren’t going to make it through a Cowboys game without him pissing you off at some point.

This is annoying. You figure people learn from their mistakes. You figure the average player would follow a trajectory of consistent improvement, and would learn to eliminate unnecessary, dumb plays as they stay in the league. But not Flozell. No, Flozell’s just gonna keep on holding and tripping his way through his career. God, he’s annoying.

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