Big 12 Power Poll: Road Revenge

Yes, Kansas still is dominant in the conference. That is probably the one constant in the Big 12 this season. That and Oklahoma State still can't win a road game. Everything else is up for debate.

Last week, I noted that the Big 12 is a difficult conference to notch road wins. Naturally the road teams went 5-7 this past week to make things a little less skewed. Considering the road teams had won 5 games all season until last week, that was a huge swing.

Having a bad week: Missouri and Oklahoma State. Suspensions and extended losing streaks taking the hope out of the fans.

Having a good week: Oklahoma and K-State. Blake Griffin back much earlier than expected to help the Sooners win two big games, and the Wildcats are undefeated in the conference to make tonight's meeting with Kansas that much more dramatic.

  1. Kansas -- Undefeated in conference and out of conference. In 5 conference games, only once have they let a team score more than 59 points. That is more impressive to me than the 81+ points they have averaged in conference play.
  2. Kansas State -- The other undefeated Big 12 team in Kansas. They have been very impressive since the New Year.
  3. Texas -- Not exactly dominant at times, but they are winning.
  4. Oklahoma -- Bake Griffin returns two weeks earlier than expected and the Sooners have two big wins over Baylor and Oklahoma State. Not a coincidence.
  5. Baylor -- The conference's best story this season. Live and die by the 3, though.
  6. Iowa State -- Quietly playing solid basketball. They look like a team that will be right in the middle all season.
  7. Texas A&M -- Rebounded from losing the quintuple-OT game at home to get a road win over the Cowboys. Tonight's home game with Texas will decide a lot about the rest of the season.
  8. Texas Tech -- Undefeated at home, winless on the road and 2-2 on neutral sites. Distinctively average.
  9. Oklahoma State -- Now riding a 5 game losing streak, the Cowboys lack something inside. Sean Sutton sweats a lot during a game, and is probably starting to sweat a bit about his job security.
  10. Missouri -- On the court, a good week. Then they went home and are down to six scholarship players and a couple walk-ons for the foreseeable future. That drops them quickly to the bottom tier.
  11. Colorado -- Actually looked like they might get a second win last night, leading at halftime in Ames, Iowa. Then the second half was a disaster. The inability to score is getting worse.
  12. Nebraska -- They have yet to win in the conference. The only good news is that they have gotten their two games against Kansas out of the way early. That alone, lightens the schedule the rest of the way.

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