A Case of the Mondays: Here We Go Again

I'm on record as having mixed feelings about the constant tumult for the teams near the top of the rankings in the last season and a half of college football. There may just be a bridge too far and seeing a Texas team I have misgivings about at No. 1 this week certainly adds to the discomfort.

Whatever the case, it's happening again and we're all witness.

Luckily there's a kind of therapy in talking about it and not just revisiting the canned discourse of the talking heads. So say hello to our weekly therapy session/water cooler time that is A Case of the Mondays.

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Please join us at 2 PM ET to talk about the week that was, discuss all these crazy coaching rumors and take a look at the coming insanity the following weekend. Chat application after the jump.

UPDATE: We'll also be talking about this little news item: Clemson rumored to have terminated coach Tommy Bowden earlier today.

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