Dallas Mavericks Roll Out ‘ACTION' Plan to Address Racial Inequities

NBCUniversal, Inc.

The Dallas Mavericks quietly announced a $5 million investment in addressing systemic racial inequities and disparities in Dallas-Fort Worth.

“We have an action plan we're 'gonna roll out, and it's called Mavs Take ACTION. So, a lot of people are going to join with us. We're going to try to make some progress," CEO Cynt Marshall told NBC 5 last month.

Marshall joined NBC 5 for Conversations: Call for Change and explained how the Mavericks wanted to be part of the solution in six areas including public policy, education, criminal justice, employment, child welfare and health care.

The word "ACTION" in the plan stands for advocacy, communication, training, investment, outreach and noise. The specifics of the plan took shape over the past few weeks, but already the Mavericks point to early progress in 25 top initiatives.

Hot spots and money have been donated to support summer learning for students. The organization launched a guide to help parents talk to kids about race and gave employees paid time off to learn and serve on Juneteenth.

The Mavericks pledged “to listen, learn and unite our DFW communities to address racial inequities and disparities, promote social justice and drive sustainable change." To help make it happen, the organization pledges a minimum of $5 million and 10,000 employee volunteer hours over the next three years.

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