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‘I'm getting older,' Dak Prescott explains why he was wearing a protective boot

NFL Training Camp begins later this month in Oxnard, California

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While sharing his football knowledge and experience with a group of North Texas football players Tuesday, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott talked about why he was recently seen wearing a protective boot on his foot.

Prescott told reporters at his youth camp he's getting older and was taking steps to protect an ankle he injured four years ago, nothing more.

"I'm great. Honestly, I'm getting older. It's the same ankle, right, that I snapped and had a nasty surgery on four years ago. So yeah, a couple of hard days of training and you know you can get a little sore, you're going on a fishing trip and you want to protect it and make sure that things don't get worse," Prescott said. "Literally, it's absolutely nothing … people are reaching trying to make things that they aren't. I'm getting older, have to take care of my body and be smart, and if I can take precautions and lessen something by putting on the boot, I'm going to do it. Sorry that it caused such a whirlwind."

NBC 5 News
Dak Prescott at his youth camp, Tuesday, July 9, 2024.

Prescott was not wearing the boot on Tuesday at the youth camp at Southlake's Carroll High School, where he was hosting 1st—through 8th graders.

While working out with the kids, Prescott said he wanted to encourage them to keep chasing their dreams.

Prescott and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys will report to training camp in Oxnard, California, on July 23.

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