Crowder and Harris Form Friendship Outside Sports

In some ways, professional athletes feel alone.

The players are living away from home and spending much of their time apart from family and close friends.

Luckily for Mavericks forward Jae Crowder and Cowboys wide receiver Dwayne Harris, they found each other. The two Atlanta natives were introduced by Crowder's agent after a Mavs game, and almost instantly they went from strangers to long lost brothers.

"As soon as he come up, 'how do you doing, what's going on man?' like he's known me since I was 2-years-old or something," said Harris. "Ever since then he and I just clicked."

"Clicked" is putting it mildly. The two do everything together. Not a day goes by without interaction, even when its unexpected.

"We see each other every day. For example, I came home from practice like two days ago and this guy is at my kitchen table," said Crowder about Harris. "I walked up the steps and he's there eating, chilling, hanging out watching TV."

"People are always asking, 'is that your brother?' Yeah, that's my little brother," said Harris. "I don't let nobody talk bad about him. I don't let nobody talk about him on the court. The only person who can talk bad about him is his mother and me."

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In fact, Dwayne is at every Mavs game alongside Jae's mom, Helen. Attending each other's games is just an example of why this friendship is meant to be. The two have known about each other since high school prep stars in the Atlanta area. With their professional lives colliding in Dallas, they know this bond will last forever.

"I'm the godfather of his daughter. So, I think I'm going to be around for a while," said Harris. "He couldn't get rid of me if he wanted to anyways."

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