Coughlin Thinks Cowboys Might be on the Upswing

Tom Coughlin actually thought the Cowboys played pretty well against the Patriots

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It’s safe to assume New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin isn’t taking the injury depleted Dallas Cowboys lightly.

Going into the second of their two annual regular season matchups on Sunday, the Cowboys are 2-3 on 2015, having lost three straight. But Coughlin demurred when a reporter suggested that the team is trending downward. Coughlin doesn’t see it that way, partly because of--and not in spite of--their performance against the Patriots.

I think they’re going up,” Coughlin said, per the Giants official website. “I think they played better, even though they lost to New England by that score, there’s no question their defensive team played well. It was a very tight game for a long time. New England’s defense did an outstanding job. The Cowboys played New England very well, to be honest with you.

“I thought they lined up and played them man-to-man, nose-to-nose, I got you, you got me, let’s go. For the most part, they did a pretty good job. The Patriots were able to maneuver and got one of their big plays in the second half out of the wheel route out of the number three receiver. But it was certainly a good game, entertaining game to watch. So I think their defense has gained a couple of players and it’s going to make them stronger. Their offense, they obviously decided to make a move at the quarterback position. Other than that, I really don’t have any comment.”

Of course, that score Coughlin referenced was 30-6, and we’d imagine there are more than a few fans around North Texas who would beg to differ with Coughlin with regard to how well the Cowboys played in that game.

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