DFW Columnist Say Tony Romo The Best QB In The NFC East

Forget the fact Donovan McNabb played in numerous NFC East championship games and took the Eagles to that game last season and McNabb played in a Super Bowl, Dallas Morning News columnist Jacques Taylor says Tony Romo of the Cowboys is the best quarterback in the NFC East.

He makes his points here.

Two years ago Romo was the best signal caller in the NFC East as the Cowboys went 13-3, but last year McNabb was better than Romo.  He won playoff games and don't forget Philly beat Dallas 44-6 in the season finale with the winner goes to the playoffs scenario on the line.

Taylor ranks Romo over McNabb.  He says McNabb has never gotten over the hump.  JJT is my boy, but the Eagles lost by three points in Super Bowl 39 to New England.  Romo is 0-2 in playoff games. 

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