Beasley Benefits From Practice Battles with Scandrick

Cole Beasley has made a career of being prepared whenever the Cowboys have called his number

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A lot has been made of the positive effect DeMarcus Ware had on Tyron Smith in his rookie year, when Ware beat up on Smith on a daily basis in practice. Now an All-Pro, Smith himself credits the baptism by fire he received from Ware in the summer of 2011, his first NFL training camp, for speeding up his development and ultimately helping to mold him into the player he is today.

Now it’s Smith as the veteran, dishing out similarly tough lessons to rookie defensive end Randy Gregory, and it’s not just in the battle at the line of scrimmage that the Cowboys are sharpening each other in practice.

Discussing his rise in the offense recently, receiver Cole Beasley attributes his ability to beat corners to facing Orlando Scandrick, who he believes is one of the best in the business, every day in practice.

“Well, I like to think the guy across from me is ready cause he’s playing for respect, too. Really I just approach it the same way. Luckily I get to go against one of the best guys to do it at nickel-corner in Orlando Scandrick and he prepares me as well as anybody would for any guy that I’m going to see in the game,” Beasley said, per the Dallas Morning News. “He gives me a lot of looks that nobody will ever give me so I see a lot more in practice than I do in the games and that only helps me improve. Really it doesn’t matter who the guy is. I don’t ever know their names when going against them. It’s always jersey numbers and how they play so really, I’m just going in thinking, ‘I have to kill this guy’ every time.”

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