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OMG! A High School Has an Indoor Facility!



    OMG! A High School Has an Indoor Facility!

    If you've read any of the national media this week, you've learned that it's absolutely unbelievably crazy that a high school could have an indoor practice facility.

    Apparently, Green Bayhead coach Mike McCarthy told his players they'd be practicing at a high school if there was inclement weather this week in Super Bowl XLV preparations, and they all rolled their eyes. Don't know if I buy that, but that weather certainly happened.

    The local DFW media is smirking collectively every time one of these stories is written, or every time a Packers player or McCarthy is asked about how it feels to see a high school with a $4 million indoor facility like that of Highland Park, which is, granted, on the top end of indoor facilities in the area.

    Then, of course, there's always mention of the new, yet-to-be-built Allen football facility — stadium, HD scoreboard, performaning arts center for its ginormous band, the whole shabang for a healthy price tag of $60 million.

    You know that's going to raise eyebrows.

    It certainly raised Green Bay linebacker A.J. Hawk's as the former Ohio State standout was, well, amazed.

    "I’m from Ohio and high school football is pretty big; at least we think it is,” Hawk said. “Texas football is amazing. Everything in Texas is great.”

    It's Texas, folks. It's how we roll.