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Gimme a B-O-O

Judge rules against cheerleading as recognized sport



    Gimme a B-O-O
    Frank Heinz,

    A Connecticut judge recently ruled that cheerleading is not a genuine sport and cannot be used to balance parity under Title IX.

    In his opinion, the judge wrote, “the activity is still too underdeveloped and disorganized” to be considered a real sport.

    Um, Judge Underhill, there are about 47,000 angry Texas moms and their kids waiting for you outside your chambers.

    OK, so cheerleading is not developed or organized. Lessee, we have the sanctioning body, the National Cheerleaders Association, right here in Garland … don’t hold that part about being in Garland against them. That indicates a fairly great degree of development and organization right there.

    And let’s run just a quick comparison of cheerleaders versus, say, football players.

    Cheerleaders: choreographed movements, executed as a unit, practiced multiple times to ensure success, and performed before a cheering crowd. Check.

    Football: choreographed movements (think the plays, pulling guards, trap-blocking tackles, precision wide receiver routes), executed as a unit (11 guys on offense), practiced multiple times to ensure success(um, practice), and performed before a cheering crowd (pretty much the same crowd). Check.

    Athleticism? Check, check. Performing feats beyond those of lesser humans? Check, check. Physical training sessions? Check, [gasp] check. Coaches monitoring their every move? Check, get-off-my-back check.

    Parents living vicariously through their kids’ accomplishments? Check, oh, hell check.

    Really, judge? Not a sport? Come down here and see just how competitive cheerleading is in, say, Plano and McKinney.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. His sister once tried out for varsity cheerleader. Flipped right off the stage and landed in the second row. Next.