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Former TCU "Dim Wit" Player Says He's Sorry

Henson spent his day behind the woodshed



    Former TCU "Dim Wit" Player Says He's Sorry
    Dont be surprised if you see this man in the unemployment line soon.

    Robert Henson/Hanson/whatshisname had a really rough day yesterday. The Skins backup linebacker, who hasn't seen a down of action, was blistered up and down for his comments about "dim wit" fans who booed the Skins after their lackluster 9-7 win over the woeful Rams.

    Henson apologized yesterday for that, and also for berating fans who "work 9 to 5 at McDonalds." He told a gaggle of reporters, "I understand the weight that my words carried and how I offended some fans, and for that again I apologize."

    His Twitter page is no more, deleted and sent off into the ether. But like a packrat scavenging whatever scraps it can to build a luxury nest, the Sports Bog saved the text.

    The linebacker gloated about his big salary, and how much richer he was than most fans, tweeting: "No I didn't play but I still made more than you in a year and you'd switch spots with me in a second."

    Yeah, he's a bigshot. Most of us would trade our 9-5 jobs (at McDonald's or otherwise) for the chance of having a non-guaranteed contract in a brutally violent sport that spits out scrubs like him on average in under three years.

    Yeah, we're really envious, Robert.

    Most amusing in the whole mess was the response of fellow players. Former Skin Brian Mitchell summed it up best on the Comcast Post-Game Show, asking "Who the hell is Robert Henson?"

    Phillip Daniels was the level-headed voice of reason: "I kind of shook my head right away, because I knew it was bad.... Robert's young. He ain't played yet. He's got to realize that the fans actually pay your salary."

    (Except for the ones who work at McDonald's and can't afford the outrageous price of tickets.)

    The Post also got an interesting take from DeAngelo Hall. He had a variation of Mitchell's "who the hell is that?" comment. Hall said that Hanson had to do more in the game before he could sound off like an idiot. You know, just like Hall has.

    At the end of the day, Henson had learned a valuable lesson -- as indicated by the deletion of his Twitter account. Keep your damn mouth shut, and be thankful the team's still employing you. (Although Wendy's is hiring -- just in case.)