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Five Reasons the Rangers Win the World Series



    Newy Scruggs and Matt Barrie say the Texas Rangers will win the World Series in six games. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010)

    Editor's Note: NBC DFW and NBC Bay Area both have strong feelings about their respective baseball team. Here, NBC DFW explains why the Rangers will win their first ever World Championship. Click here to get NBC Bay Area's take.

    We are all confident the Rangers will win the fall classic right?  I mean, we are all Rangers diehards and have been fans for years, etc., etc., so it truly is our time to shine in the World Series, right?


    But, for those that need a little convincing I have tossed together five relatively solid reasons the Texas Rangers will win the 106th World Series over the San Francisco Giants.

    Quizzing Ross The Former Intern

    [DFW Texas Rangers] Quizzing Ross The Former Intern
    Matt Barrie tests Ross "the former intern" Matthews' knowledge of baseball. He doesn't do so well.
    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010)

    No. 1: Cliff Lee on the mound in Game 1 and Game 5 (if necessary).  He is 7-0 in the postseason and 3-0 this year with a 0.75 ERA, 34 Ks and one walk.  One.  That gives Texas a win in Game 1.

    No. 2:Josh Hamilton is back in the groove after a short slump in the ALDS.  In the ALCS, for which he was named MVP, he batted .350 (7 for 20) with eight walks and six scored runs.  His bat can pick up the team with a single swing ... look for Josh to give the team an lift in at least one game.

    No. 3: Timmy Lincecum may be a young phenom, but the Rangers know how to manufacture runs like no other ballclub.  Once on base, and they will be on base, these guys know how to return to home plate.  Lincecum has allowed 27 out of 30 baserunners to advance -- Elvis knows this, I'm sure. What happens in Game 1 will be wash, rinse, repeat throughout the remainder of the series -- especially if Bad Jonathan Sanchez shows up to pitch for the little G's.

    No. 4: The Rangers are underrated.  Giants fans wanted to play New York because, well, everyone likes beating the Yankees and everyone thinks the Yanks are a stronger opponent.  They aren't.  The Rangers lineup, from top to bottom, is filled with a healthy variety of speed and power hitters.  Top that off with a top-knotch bullpen with growing confidence ... you've got a championship team.

    No. 5:  Because it's just their year.  All year long the team has been saying, "It's time" and it is.  The intangibles fall to the Rangers.  They are just having one of those years that make a championship run possible. On defense, grounders are falling into their gloves and on offense the balls are hitting bases and taking crazy bounces. After winning the ALCS I said no matter who the Rangers face in the World Series it's over in six. It doesn't matter who they play, they win in six games.

    Bonus reason:  After 38 seasons in Arlington, the Rangers have made it out of the ALDS for the first time.  The fans are hungry, the players are hungry.  The Yankee mystique didn't stop us, and neither will another club with a little more postseason history.  ANTLERS UP!

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    [DFW Texas Rangers] Rangers Harassed; Trash Talk Begins
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