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Dallas Cheerleader Flipping to World Record

Hockaday School junior performed 35 back handsprings during football game



    The 16 year-old high school junior appeared on the Today show after she crossed the football field 35 times during Friday night's halftime show by back handspring. (Published Friday, Oct. 26, 2012)

    A Dallas cheerleader waits for the Guinness World Records to officially dub her as the record-holder for consecutive handsprings.

    Miranda Ferguson crossed the football field by performing 35 back handsprings during Friday night's halftime show.

    "I really just wanted to, like, raise a lot of spirit for my team and, like, bring some fans out," she said on the "Today Show" on Thursday morning.

    Dozens of the 16-year-old high school junior's classmates at the Hockaday School watched her national television appearance.

    Sheer determination drove Ferguson to break the record in the first place.

    During last year's game, she did 20 handsprings. Once she found out the current world record was 32, she pushed herself -- resulting in Friday's flipping performance.

    "She started to slow down a little bit toward the end, and everyone started cheering -- I guess even louder -- to try and help her," classmate Hollis Tardy said.

    Ferguson showcased her talents on the "Today Show." Although she didn't reach the record number again on the plaza, she said the support is what matters.

    "I do count in my head, but I also do hear them in my head, and that kind of encourages me to keep going," she said.