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Another Newhouse Super Bowl Bound

TCU Graduate, Plays for Packers and now is headed to the Super Bowl



    Fresh from TCU, rookie Marshall Newhouse is headed to the Super Bowl with the Packers. (Published Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011)

    Marshall Newhouse, 22, is going to the Super Bowl.  The TCU graduate and Dallas native signed with the Green Bay Packers last year and now he'll be on the sideline of the world's biggest game.

    His parents, Sharon and John Newhouse, say they are proud of their son and still can't believe he is playing in the NFL, or going to the Super Bowl. 

    His father tried to put the past year into words,

    "He's at Green Bay, gets a chance as a rookie to go the NFC Championship game and win, and get to the Super Bowl. And by the way, it just happens to be in Dallas, Texas? Pretty amazing," said John.

    Marshall's cousin, Cowboys and NFL legend Robert Newhouse, who has been mistakenly referred to as his uncle, went to the Super Bowl three times with the Cowboys.

    When asked about how Marshall will be compared to his legendary uncle, his dad John said he will have big shoes to fill

    "Very big shoes to fill. It's good he plays a different position, can't do a one-on-one comparison, but I’m sure people say, 'Hey man, you got a lot to live up to,'" said John.

     Though Marshall is on injured reserve and will not be able to play in Sunday's game, his parent's said just being a part of a team that is going to the Super Bowl is something to celebrate.