Sen. Ted Cruz Talks Incoming Administration

Texas Senator Ted Cruz had a bumpy roads with President-elect Donald Trump.

They fought a hard fought campaign in the primary.

But four days before the inauguration, Cruz says he is in constant communication with the President-elect.

He spoke to NBC 5 political reporter Julie Fine from his Capitol office.

"Well look, no doubt, Donald Trump's and my relationship has had its ups and downs, but he won. He won the primary, he won the general election and he is going to be the President, and I am interested now in fixing the problems in the country. My relationship was the President-elect, with the administration is very strong. We are talking to him and his team every single day and the message I have been conveying to them is, we have to deliver. The worst thing we could do is win this election and fall back to business as usual," said Cruz.

Cruz believes the next four years will be good for the State of Texas.

"Texas is poised to benefit powerfully from the next four years. Texas will benefit from the energy industry removing the burdens that are holding it back," he added.

Cruz says he looks forward to repealing the affordable care act, securing the border and job creation.

"What Republicans have been given is really quite rare. We have been given control of the White House, of every executive branch and of both Houses of Congress, and now I think we got to stand up and deliver," said Cruz.

We also asked Cruz about his name being out there as a possible Supreme Court nominee.

"It's flattering. It is humbling to even be discussed even in those circles, but I tell you I have got an amazing job. Every day I wake up and I'm given the blessing of representing 27 million Texans and standing and fighting for the men and women across the state. There is no state in the union like Texas," Cruz said.

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