Matthew McConaughey

What Would Texas Gov. Matthew McConaughey Stand For? Who Knows?

Texans are left dazed and confused by the Oscar winner’s lack of stances as he toys with running for governor

All right, all right already. If you’re running for Texas governor, Matthew McConaughey, what do you stand for?

As the Oscar-winning film star toys with jumping into the race, he’s rehearsing lines about why he refuses to reveal his stance on just about any hot button issue or policy challenges facing the state, all the while casting himself as a centrist in tune with the “sleeping giant” in the middle of the electorate that shuns extremism and wants to “salvage” American democracy.

“What the hell is politics? Before we start saying, hey, this is where I stand,” which would alienate half of the voters, “let’s answer these other questions about purpose of democracy,” he said Thursday on New York Times Opinion’s Sway podcast, calling politics “a bag of rats” that a big part of him wants to avoid while his inner “philosopher-poet-statesman” wants to give it a try.

It’s colorful and intriguing — inspiring, even, to moderates and movie buffs. And vague enough to ensure the star of InterstellarDallas Buyers Club, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days remains a blank slate politically.

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