Ketanji Brown Jackson

North Texas Judges Celebrate Historic Swearing-in of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first Black woman to be nominated and sworn in as a Supreme Court justice

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Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson took her place in history Thursday when she was sworn into the United States Supreme Court.

Jackson is now the first Black woman to be nominated and sworn in as a justice on the nation's highest court.

“History being made during my lifetime,” said Elizabeth Frizell, a former criminal district judge in Dallas County,

“I am looking forward to the perspective that she can bring to the court,” said Judge Tammy Kemp, of the 204th State District Court in Dallas County.

Jackson, a former public defender and federal appeals court judge, was sworn in during a small ceremony shortly after Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement became official.

Frizell, who is Black, said this is a huge step forward, breaking barriers and stereotypes.

Ketanji Brown Jackson made history Thursday after being sworn in as the first Black female justice on the Supreme Court.

“I have been practicing law for 30 years and the bench looked quite different when I first started 30 years ago. In fact, I got that comment a lot, that, 'Well you don't look like a judge,' and so I’d say, 'Well what is a judge supposed to look like?'” said Frizell.

“I think it is going to mean the world to young ladies. It meant the world to me as a young lawyer looking at Thurgood Marshall and knowing the history that he had made as he made his trek to the Supreme Court,” Kemp, who is Black.

Jackson joins the court at a divisive time, but Thursday was a time for many to savor the moment.

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