Little Elm, Frisco Make History in Election Runoffs

Frisco elected the first Black woman to its city council and Little Elm elected its first Black Mayor.

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Two North Texas cities made history Saturday when Little Elm elected its first Black mayor and Frisco the first Black woman to the city council.

Angelia Pelham defeated Jennifer White to earn election to the Frisco City Council. Pelham has previously served in senior executive roles in companies like Walt Disney, and Frito Lay and Pepsico.

“It is long overdue and I’m excited to see that not only here in Frisco but throughout our country, people are realizing that, you know, it’s time to focus on qualifications, and who is best for the role at that particular time,” Pelham said.

She heads into the job, ready to work with council, addressing immediate needs.

“Biggest need for us right now is just continuing to return back to our pre-COVID state, especially in the area of tourism,” she said.

And after all of the votes were counted, history was made in Little Elm too. Curtis Cornelious will be the city's first Black mayor.

“It means so much to me just to be able to sit in this seat, and show everyone that the world, the town, the city is ready for, to get past what the fear of the unknown would bring,” Cornelious said.

Cornelious is no stranger to government. He served on city council from 2009-15, and again from 2017 to this year.

“I had to be prepared for not only fighting to win the seat but just being ready to go into budget,” he said.

While both electees are ready to work, they said they know the significance that comes with their victories.

“The world is moving, the world is changing,” Curtis said.

“I am excited about being the first and certainly the implication of that is that I won't be the last, and I am opening the doors for others behind me and I am excited about that,” Pelham said.

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