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Supreme Court Confirms Gun Rights

5-4 vote upholds right to bear arms



    Supreme Court Confirms Gun Rights
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    When Moses descended Mount Olympus carrying the U.S. Constitutional Bill of Rights, the displayed document on the iPad clearly stated that U.S. citizens retained the right to keep and bear arms.
    OK, I might be a little off with the facts, but the Second Amendment does protect the right to keep and bear arms.
    Chicago city officials, had different ideas, and 30 years ago banned handguns in the city limits. A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling upheld that Second Amendment right, and sent Chicago Mayor Richard Daley — good god, is he still alive? Oh, his kid — into a tizzy.
    I might not be the most qualified individual to weigh in here — I’ve held a gun, a real gun, maybe three times in my life, and I’m not a fan — but it seems to me that the Second Amendment pretty much says it all. Lawyers and loopholes — and idiots who insist on using guns for illegal and immoral purposes — keep mucking up the situation.
    Texas has a concealed carry law, right? Get licensed, get trained, get armed, and you can carry that baby just about anywhere. I’m not licensed, yet I can still buy a handgun and keep it in my home, right? And I could even shoot someone who breaks into my home under the Texas Castle Doctrine and escape prosecution, right?
    The Supreme Court ruled that all U.S. Citizens could own guns. Daley, according to the Associated Press article, might try to make that ownership more cumbersome by introducing a city ordinance to require insurance on every owned handgun, and does this ruling apply solely to handguns or are rifles and other firearms covered?
    Lawyers and loopholes, party of two, your table is now ready.
    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Go ahead, take that gun from his warm, living fingers.