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President Obama to Visit Texas Next Tuesday



    President Obama to Visit Texas Next Tuesday
    President Barack Obama waves as he steps off Air Force One at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    President Barack Obama to visit Texas next Tuesday.

    The president will combine Democratic fundraising events in Austin with a presidential visit in El Paso during the one-day visit to the state.

    Officials didn't say why the president was stopping in El Paso, but in a report in the Houston Chronicle, the paper guesses it's most likely related to one of three things: Fort Bliss, the U.S.-Mexico border or the West Texas wildfires.

    Earlier in the week, the president rejected Gov. Rick Perry's request to declare Texas a major disaster area after wildfires burned 2.2 million acres. Perry has been critical of Washington dolling out funds to Alabama following last week's deadly tornadoes, but not giving Texas a major disaster declaration -- and accompanying relief funds.

    Following the fundraising event in Austin, the president will return to Washington D.C. that night.