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Perry Campaign: A Family Affair

Rick Perry's Family Hits the Campaign Trail



    Perry Campaign: A Family Affair
    Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry walks with his wife Anita as they arrive at the Black Hawk County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Waterloo, Iowa.

    Politics is a family affair for the family of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

    Texas first lady Anita Perry has campaigned in South Carolina for her husband. Over the weekend his parents, who rarely, if ever, give interviews, said the United States needs their son's leadership.

    Perry's parents, 86-year-old cattleman Ray Perry and his wife, 82-year-old Amelia made the comments over the weekend.

    "The way we look at it, this country needs Rick Perry because he's the kind of person who will lead," the governor's father said. "We certainly don't need another Obama; we don't make any bones about that."

    Perry's son Griffin is now the latest to hop on the campaign trail, stumping for his father in Florida this weekend. A Conservative blogger caught up with the younger Perry and talked about growing up as the son of a elected official and (((wait for it))) his Dad's favorite rock band.

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