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Obama Back in D.C. After Vacation

First family will try for R&R again at Camp David this weekend



    Obama Back in D.C. After Vacation
    The Obama clan was able to squeeze in some family time last week, but not as much as they'd hoped.

    Let's try this vacation thing again next weekend.

    President Obama and family have returned to Washington after a weeklong island getaway that was anything but. Despite his intention not to "make news," the commander in chief interrupted his Martha's Vineyard vacation -- the first of his presidency -- within 48 hours to announce Ben Bernanke's reappointment to head the Federal Reserve. "I apologize for interrupting the relaxing I told all of you to do,” he said on Tuesday.

    That was just the start. Last week, his administration also announced: half of the country could be infected with swine flu later this year; Attorney General Eric Holder would appoint a special investigator to revisit detainee abuse; and Afghanistan's election had been marred by reports of voting irregularities. On Saturday, the president briefly left the island to deliver a eulogy at Sen. Ted Kennedy's funeral in Boston.

    This Labor Day weekend, the first family will head to Camp David, Maryland for another go at R&R. Who wants to bet the news cycle interrupts again?  

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