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Top U.S. Commander: No More Troops and Afghanistan Fails

Gen. McChrystal makes blunt case for more troops and change in war strategy in secret report



    Top U.S. Commander: No More Troops and Afghanistan Fails
    Besides asking for 10,000 more troops than his predecessor requested, McChrystal also calls for more training in local languages and a jobs program to peel away low-level insurgents.

    The top military commander for U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan warns that unless he gets more troops by next year the mission will “likely result in failure.”

    In a 66-page classified report to Defense Secretary Robert Gates and leaked to star Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal makes a blunt case for more troops beyond the 68,000 already approved. The commander also calls for a “radically more integrated and partnered” relationship with Afghan units.

    He says the military needs to do a better job protecting civilians to reverse the perception that U.S. soldiers are “occupiers,” while criticizing overcrowded prisons where, he says, hard-core terrorists can freely radicalize petty criminals. McChrystal also warns that Afghan political corruption threatens American success in the country as much as insurgent violence.

    The classified assessment comes as more Americans are souring on the war in Afghanistan. President Obama has said he wants a winning strategy in place before he commits more troops to harms way.

    “While the situation is serious, success is still achievable,” McChrystal concludes, the Post reported.

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