Zac Efron Graduates to the Workplace, Anakin Skywalker and Movie Player

It's been a pretty good week for Zac Efron. The boyish superstar has managed to get a movie day job, scale the heights of big-time Hollywood player and voice the role of Luke Skywalker's father.

At 22, Efron has moved well beyond "High School Musical" to the workplace -- the scene for the new comedy he's co-producing for Warner Brothers, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Efron has picked up the untitled comedy which will be developed by his new production company, dubbed ever-so-enthusiastically as Ninjas Runnin' Wild Prods.

And if that light Jedi career maneuver wasn't deft enough, Variety reports that Efron has joined the voice cast of "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III," as Anakin Skywalker (pre-Darth Vader). Some serious geek cred here as he'll star with many members of the original cast such as Anthony Daniels and Billy Dee Williams. The cartoon will debut on n Adult Swim on December 12.

Pretty impressive resume additions.

The untitled comedy looks to keep Efron working with the people who has brought the actor the most non- "High School Musical" success -- Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot, the team behind the hit comedy "17 Again." and "Hairspray."

And Efron has a full slate of movies for his new Ninjas Runnin' Wild Prods including "Einstein Theory," a time-travel tale which he is set to star in, and "Snabba Cash," a remake of a 2010 Swedish crime thriller.  Just to name a couple.

Kids are growing up too fast these days. And we can expect to see the baby-faced Efron around the scene for quite some time to come.


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