Wednesday Watch List: Rick Perry's Debutante Ball

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and fantasize about the 1984 version of Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars instead of the 2011 version. LET’S GO!

GOP DEBATE – 8:00PM (MSNBC) Live from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The reason to tune in tonight is because this may be your first glimpse at shiny new candidate Rick Perry on the stage. Yes, Rick Perry! He'll be up there shootin' guns in the air and ropin' calves and doing all sorts of cool things to dazzle the moderating panel. So if you're a conservative, tune in for a little bit of hope. And if you're a liberal, tune in so you have something to complain about to Media Matters the next day. NOTE: Perry may bow out of this debate to tend to the current wildfires in his home state. ANTICIPATION: PERRY!

SAVED – 9:00PM (Animal Planet) Animal Planet's new series features poignant stories of people bonding with animals to help cope with personal tragedies, and your premiere episode deals with the mother of them all: 9/11. Find out how people left bereft by the attacks found solace in their pets. Makes me want to go hug a puppy right now. ANTICIPATION: TOUCHING!

PAWN 90210 – 10:00PM (E!) Sure, you've got your "Pawn Stars" and your "Hardcore Pawn," but I ask you: Has there ever been a reality show about a pawn shop for rich people? THERE HAS NOT! Which is why E! is unleashing this new show on you tonight. It's totally different from all those other pawn shows, because now the customers are even more horrible people! ANTICIPATION: PAWNY!

PRIMETIME NIGHTLINE: MY (EXTRA)ORDINARY FAMILY – 10:00PM (ABC) The only thing the guide says about this episode is "Family Fat Fight," which is a great fantasy team name. Anyway, I wonder what that subtitle portends. Is it a family fighting each other with large handfuls of suet? Or is it a really fat family fighting each other in an Octagon? I like both options. ANTICIPATION: FAT!

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