WATCH: “Seinfeld” Fan Breaks Set Replica With Kramer-Esque Spin on Opening Day

An eager “Seinfeld” fan re-creating Kramer’s famous entrance took down part of the door frame to the just-opened replica of Jerry’s Upper West Side apartment.

The video, which has gotten more than 150,000 views on YouTube, shows Tim McGeever spin through the door and take out part of the purple frame with his backpack.

“I came, I saw, I broke (by accident!),” McGeever wrote on YouTube where he shared the clip. “You might say I took my Kramer impression one step too far at Hulu's #seinfeldapartment...within hours of opening. Enjoy my spin-crash humiliation!”

McGeever told that he got the idea from the staff at the Hulu-created pop-up, which opened the same day all 180 “Seinfeld” episodes were released on the streaming site.

“While I was standing in line, the anticipation was building,” he said. “I had very little time to plan it, aside from knowing I wanted to do some slide/twist maneuver. Before I knew it I was inside, along with a smattering of debris. So you might say, it was equal parts planned and spontaneous.”

He said he was “mortified” and was received by a mix of anger and laughs from onlookers.

“Then I realized, no, Hulu was encouraging this behavior, they built this set, and they have a lot of money. I'm fine. Now how do I get out of here!?" he told

Fans were ushered out of the room and McGeever was able to quietly sneak out of the recreated set.

The replica takes "Seinfeld" lovers through a real-life model of the apartment. Fans can see different items such as the Monk's Cafe table and booth, the Festivus Pole and George Costanza's photo shoot set from different episodes. There is also a canvas "brick wall" full of signatures from the show's many stars, guests and crew.

The free pop-up event, called “Seinfeld: The Apartment,” is open through this weekend from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Milk Studios, 451 West 14th Street, in Chelsea.

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