Sean Penn Directing Robert De Niro and Kristen Wiig in “The Comedian”

Paging Rupert Pupkin!

Robert De Niro, who so brilliantly portrayed a wannabe stand-up comedian in "King of Comedy," is getting back on the mic for Sean Penn's next directorial effort, "The Comedian," reported Deadline. Filling in for Sandra Bernhard will be Kristen Wiig.

Instead of a struggling funnyman, De Niro will be playing a has-been living off the fame of his long ago canceled TV character. After getting sentenced to community service for bonking a heckler on the head, he encounters a sexy redhead who turns his life upside-down.

After 15 years of middlebrow comedies and warmed over actioners, it's great to see De Niro working with people like Penn and Wiig. Penn's work as a director has been hit-or-miss, but whether he's in front or behind the camera, the dude has never played it safe, which is exactly what De Niro needs. And this has to be a massive ego boost for Wiig, who finally got the recognition she deserves after the success of "Bridesmaids."

If you've somehow not yet seen "King of Comedy," do so. Check out the trailer...

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