No Charges for “Jersey Shore” Sweetheart's Miami Bar Fight

Sammi Giancola is accused of beating up a Miami woman

The book may finally be closed on "Jersey Shore's" reign of terror on South Beach.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney has decided that no charges will be filed against Sammi "the Sweetheart" Giancola, who was accused of beating up Miami woman in a South Beach, Florida night club.

Prosecutors said they do have enough evidence to file a misdemeanor battery charge, but the policy of the office is to not pursue them if the person has traveled outside of Miami-Dade's jurisdiction.

"Sammi Giancola, has since returned to New York and is therefore beyond our jurisdiction. Consequently, this case is closed," SAO spokesperson Ed Griffith wrote. "This case could be revisited if and when the accused returns to this jurisdiction."

So Sammi and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast getting the boot from Miami Beach after filiming part of Season 2 might have saved her a night or two in jail. And maybe this ensures they will never come back again.

On May 8, Kristen DeMinco had the unfortunate pleasure of becoming the target of a reality TV moment when she and her friends decided to party with the Jersey Shore at Club Dream.

DeMinco, a 24-year-old student, started talking to a man who she claims she didn't know was Sammi's boy toy. Sammi and DeMinco exchanged words before it escalated to a one-sided cat fight with Sammi allegedly punching the woman in the face twice.

The prosecutor's evidence was probably the shiner DeMinco sported for several days before bringing the fight to the attention of the press.

DeMinco has decided to file a civil lawsuit against Sammi and MTV.

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