Bristol Palin Offered Phoenix Radio Gig

The reality starlet said she is considering the position

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Bristol Palin is no stranger to television, but can she keep American audiences captivated on radio as well?

The former "Dancing with The Stars" contestant met with producers of Mix 96.9 FM in Phoenix last week. The station's president and marketing manager Jeff England told NBC they offered her a job.

"We think she has some interesting experiences," said England of Palin, who's also appeared on mom and Tea Party darling Sarah Palin's reality show on TLC. "She recently moved here as a new resident and a mother and all of her life experiences-- we think she can add something to the show audiences will enjoy."

Palin, 20, would co-host with personality Mathew Blades for a morning program, in which he gives "daily talks about his life experiences with his family and things going on in the marketplace, and things of topical nature," England said.

During an interview on a radio station in her native Alaska on Friday, Palin said she was considering the job.

There's no timeline for Palin to give a yes or no to the station, which plays 80s, 90s, and popular music. However, England stressed that this is not just a PR stunt.

"We actually believe she has something to bring to the show," England said.

Last December, Palin bought a five-bedroom house in Maricopa to live in with her three-year-old son, Tripp as she goes to college.

If a new home and prospects of a new job weren't exciting enough, Palin announced she's got a new man. She recently said on Alaskan radio that she's long past Levi Johnston and is happy dating a guy she wouldn't identify.

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