Miley Cyrus Receives Inspiration Award For Work With Youth

Hilary Duff presents the trophy to the scandal-ridden pop star

Despite the controversies his daughter is tangled in, daddy Billy Ray Cyrus has something to be proud about.

Pop star Miley Cyrus accepted an "inspiration" award from fellow Disney protege Hilary Duff in Los Angeles on Friday for helping feed hungry children and connecting youth to volunteering opportunities with Youth Service America.

"I got to tell you I never thought I'd get an award from  Hilary Duff," said the teenage singer on stage of the Annual Global Action Awards Gala. "That's like a dream come true for me. She inspired me, and now I'm here being able to inspire other kids."

Cyrus' father recently said he's "scared for her" after video of her taking bong hits circled the Internet, blaming Disney's "Hannah Montana" for splitting up his family and keeping him away from his girl. But a glowing Billy Ray was alongside Miley in a promotional video played before the singer was given the Global Action Youth Leadership Award.

Miley exclaims in the video, "just seeing their [the kids'] face light up because they get so excited and to see that smile more than once -- if you see it once in your entire life I'd say you're really lucky, but if you see it more that that it's a miracle."

Among rumors that the 18-year-old pop star goes out drinking and smoking, the Get Ur Good On community service program Miley started is a welcome distraction from her partying habits. Before handing off the glass trophy, Duff said that Cyrus workes with her for Blessings in a Backpack and supports a school in Eastern Kentucky.

"Get Ur Good On links Miley's power to the voices of young people around the world, giving each the chance to show how they can make a difference," the actress said about the program that works with 156 schools across the state.

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