“The Voice” Gets Its Top 10, With a Twitter Twist

Josh Logan and Jonny Gray got the boot Tuesday, while Kat Robichaud was saved by eager Twitter fans.

Trae Patton/NBC

"The Voice" got its top 10 on Tuesday night, thanks in part to an instant Twitter save for Team CeeLo's Kat Robichaud. But along with the good news for most of the show's dozen finalists came an unceremonious goodbye for two rock'n'roll men with unique voices, Team CeeLo's Jonny Gray and Team Christina's Josh Logan.

It was an unexpected turn of events for Jonny, who had last week landed safely among his team's top two members on the strength of America's votes. For Josh, whom Christina had saved from the bottom three, the departure was perhaps less jarring but no less bittersweet.

Blake Shelton put it aptly at the top of the hour. "Tuesdays are why I drink so much," he quipped. (And besides a window into Blake's relationship with alcohol, Tuesday also brought some revelations about the strange, and strangely named, pets the other coaches may or may not own. A llama named Ollama? Really, CeeLo?)

Tuesday night's eliminations show began, though, with a crew of the show's female singers teaming with Sara Bareilles on a cover of her upbeat piano-pop hit "Brave," and that they had to be to face the rigors of being hauled onto the stage for Carson Daly's announcements of who would stay to sing another week.

Caroline Pennell, the sunny folk-pop 17-year-old from Team CeeLo, was the first to find she'd earned the chance to stick around. Next up for that honor was Team Christina's Matthew Schuler, whose knack for belting sacred songs like Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" into indie-rock anthems has made him a favorite. (When he got the good news, his teammates looked genuinely relieved for him.)

Next, after a performance by CeeLo (ditching his "Star Trek"-esque glasses but sticking with his Druid-esque robe) and his team, came good news for members of the other two teams, first Team Blake's Pacific Northwest-bred country singer Austin Jenckes and Team Adam's Jamaican powerhouse Tessanne Chin.

That meant each team had sent a singer into the top 10 thus far, and with that, all the men of the show's top 12 tackled the Grand Funk Railroad standby "We're an American Band," showcasing just how varied their voices despite their shared rock roots.

With the next round of announcements of who had been saved by America's votes, a pair of those male singers got their reprieve, but not before Team Christina's pint-sized blues diva Jacquie Lee, giggling nervously as she awaited the results, got hers. Then, Team Blake's Cole Vosbury and Team Adam's Will Champlin heard their names called out, to their relief.

Will, his coach and his other teammates -- including James Wolpert, who still didn't know his fate beyond Tuesday night -- took to the stage next for a performance of the Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night."

But after it, James got the good news his teammates already had: He, too, was safe on the strength of audience votes, as was Team Blake's "swamp-pop" singer Ray Boudreaux.

That left three people on the stage -- and two of them were from Team CeeLo. "I'm kind of pissed," CeeLo admitted, seeing his team members Jonny and Kat on the stage alongside Team Christina's Josh. But Christina noted how far all of them had come and complimented the trio's perseverance and talents.

Normally audience votes may have decided which two of those three would be sent packing and which one would stay another week. But on Tuesday, the final arbiter was the so-called Twitter instant save -- whereby whichever of the three artists garnered the most tweeted mentions of their names in those five minutes before the show ended won the chance to stay.

By that measure, the lucky one -- and the final member of the show's top 10 contestants -- was Kat Robichaud, and that meant that Josh and Jonny were both leaving "The Voice" stage for the last time.

"The Voice" airs Mondays at 8/7c and Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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