Late Night Laughs Over “Spilled Milk”

President Obama's groan-worthy joke didn't go over well with late night hosts.

President Obama tried to crack a joke or two during his State of the Union address Tuesday night — but if late night comics' reactions the next day were any indication, he might have done well to leave the humor to them.

Neither Jon Stewart nor Stephen Colbert nor Jimmy Kimmel could resist making fun of Obama's requisite cringe-inducing joke about crying over spilled milk.

And Stewart questioned the wisdom of the speech's narrative arc.

"You open with 'I killed bin Laden?'" Stewart asked, incredulous. "Does Rick Springfield open with 'Jessie's Girl?' No!"

Stewart also mocked the dire tone of Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels' rebuttal, intercutting it with footage from apocalypse movies, and questioned Romney's outrage at Obama's message.

"Even when there's a fire inside Mitt Romney, it's still just a weird electrical fire."

Check out the clip below.

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