Fallon Gives the “Tonight Show” a “Fresh Prince” Makeover

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots gave "The Tonight Show's" opening sequence a special “Bel-Air” flavor to honor the late-night show's week-long taping in Los Angeles.

Fallon took on the role of Will Smith to recreate the popular sitcom theme to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

The "Tonight Show" host parodied shots from the iconic '90s show by changing its lyrics to explain his decision to move the show from cold New York to sunny Los Angeles.

“When a couple of guys who were sick of the cold said that maybe I should take the show on the road,” rapped Fallon.

Fallon's recreated scenes included the spinning chair and playing hoops (with the Roots). The spoof even had some “Fresh Prince” cameos. Watch the video to see Alfonso Ribeiro busting out the classic Carlton.

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