Drunk NJ High Schooler Breaks School Nurse's Hip: Police

Pennsville High School senior accused of going on a drunken rage that left the school nurse with a broken hip

A New Jersey high school senior faces assault charges after he allegedly broke a school nurse’s hip while in a drunken rage.

Since Wednesday was an exam day, seniors were allowed to arrive to Pennsville Memorial High School late.

Pennsville Township Police told NBC10’s Chris Cato that the 17-year-old and his friend Manpreet Singh, 18, used the opportunity to get drunk.

The 17-year-old, who wasn’t identified because he is a minor, began to act belligerent in class, police said..

"They took him from the classroom and took him to the principal's office," said police Lt. A.J. Cummings.

Sources told Cato that when the boy was confronted with a Breathalyzer test that he went nuts and shoved the principal. He then allegedly burst out the office door, knocking down school nurse Marilyn English.

English, 68, suffered a broken hip and remained in South Jersey Healthcare – Elmer Hospital Friday night. Cato spoke to her by phone.

"I'm doing as well as can be expected for the type of injury it is," English said.

She told Cato that the boy never stopped. Police sources say he kept going right out of the building. Police say they later picked him up around 11:20 a.m. but not before he kicked an officer.

The 17-year-old faces three assault charges, disorderly conduct and alcohol charges while Singh, who police say supplied the alcohol, faces an alcohol charge.

The Pennsville School District had no comment on what discipline both teens could face.

Neither teens' parents wanted to talk to NBC10. The minor’s mother slammed the door on Cato and Singh’s mother had no comment.

As for the school nurse hurt during the teen’s alleged rage, English told Cato that she hopes the action of a couple students doesn’t reflect on the majority of students saying this was an "isolated" and "abnormal" incident.

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