Man Killed in Missouri Wanted to Bomb Hospital Amid Virus Pandemic, FBI Says

The FBI says Timothy Wilson, 36, was the subject of a "months-long domestic terrorism investigation"

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NBC News

A man suspected of plotting to blow up a Missouri hospital over frustrations with the coronavirus was killed in a shootout with FBI agents, officials said Wednesday.

Timothy Wilson, 36, died Tuesday in Belton, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, after members of the FBI’s joint terrorism task force attempted to arrest him, NBC News reports. It’s not clear whether Wilson was wounded by FBI agents or if he died by suicide. Officials say he was armed and after being shot was taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The incident will be investigated by the FBI's inspection division, standard procedure for shootings involving agents.

FBI officials describe Wilson as a potentially violent extremist known to express racial and religious hatred and antigovernment sentiment. The FBI says Wilson was the subject of a "months-long domestic terrorism investigation" that revealed he wanted to commit an act of terrorism, specifically a bombing, and had considered several targets, including a school with a large population of black students, a synagogue and a mosque.

But as the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold in the United States and local officials in Missouri issued stay-at-home orders, FBI officials said Wilson became aggravated and decided to accelerate his plans.

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