Live Like a Celeb at the Sierra Towers

Besides movie roles, pay days, and the coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there are other qualities and possessions that serve to separate the A-listers from the rest of the Tinseltown herd. One such distinguishing feature of the most notable of celebs is their real estate portfolio--specifically, whether they have the connections and money to score a condo at one of LA's most prestigious and exclusive properties: Sierra Towers.
Located along the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills border, Sierra Towers has been the go-to building for a bevy of celebs including, Joan Collins, Elton John, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Zoe, George Hamilton (really, the list is endless!), and now, former Friends star Courteney Cox. Cox, who is still separated from hubby David Arquette, recently scooped up a two bedroom, three bathroom unit for $2.05 million that's located in the northeast corner of the 25th floor. 
Unfortunately for Cox, she's narrowing missing living in the same building as her former Friends co-star Matthew Perry. Perry recently listed his swanky two bedroom unit. 
According to Nikki Haskell, a diet and fitness guru who lives in the building, "You have to be in full makeup at all times when you get in the elevator--you never know who you are going to run into." Ah, the life of the rich and famous. 
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