Lindsey Vonn Grabs Her TV Gold: A Spot on “Law & Order”

She got her gold medal, and ski superstar Lindsey Vonn followed it up by landing a role on her favorite show, "Law & Order."

Bob Costas broke the news to her in Vancouver, according to After going through her Olympic highs and lows during a televised interview, Costas told Vonn she has been cast as a jury foreman in an upcoming episode. The pair even ran through Vonn's lines.

A smart move from "Law & Order's" producers who simply had to find her a part. In nearly every interview she was talking about her big love for the show, even visiting the set.

The role won't require her to channel Meryl Streep, and casting her could give the show a public relations bonanza without having to cook up a tailored episode, oh maybe about an Alpine skier accused of knocking a rival in the kneecaps. Everyone wins.

The part is even an upgrade from what Vonn said she'd settle for --  she said she "totally would" have played a corpse just to be on the show.

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