Kurdish Iraqis Enter Key Sinjar, Town Held by ISIS

Iraqi military say U.S. forces have entered Sinjar, the town being held by ISIS, on Friday, NBC News reported.

Kurdish peshmerga troops approached Sinjar "from all directions and started clearing out the remaining ISIS militants," according to Brig. Yehya Rasool.

Kurdish officials later said the peshmerga had secured a cement factory, hospital and several other public buildings, NBC News reported.

The Kurdish fighters launched the assault Thursday backed by U.S.-led airstrikes.

Sinjar was captured in August 2014, after militants seized Mosul and blitzed from Syria across northern Iraq. It’s important because of a 75-mile-long highway that lies alongside the town that has been one of the most active supply lines for ISIS, a major conduit for goods, weapons and fighters.

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