Kirsten Dunst Gets Raunchy, Won't Let Dad See New Movie

The flick revolves around three women who are asked to be in the wedding of a friend they used to bully in high school.

Kirsten Dunst's new comedy, Bachelorette, is raunchy.

Like, really raunchy.

So much so that the former child star has banned her dad from seeing it.

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"I can't do that to him," Dunst, 30, told us at last night's Hollywood premiere of the flick (available now on VOD and out in theaters on Sept. 7) at the ArcLight. "I didn't even tell him there was an L.A. premiere. And I was like, 'Yeah, dad--don't even try getting it on iTunes because you will not like this movie. You're a prude. You will hate it. I know you!'"

The flick revolves around three women (Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan) who are asked to be in the wedding of a friend (Rebel Wilson) they used to bully in high school. The night before the big day is filled with sex, drugs, booze and so much more.

One particularly bush-inducing scene shows Dunst having quickie--and very verbal--sex in a strip club bathroom with X-Men hottie James Marsden.

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"You just roll with it," Dunst said of filming the romp. "You hope that you're working with somebody who is chill and not weird and is like, 'Can I touch you here? Can I touch you there?' No! Let's just go for it and get it over with."

Yeah, it's a far cry from Dunst's previous work. "I've wanted to do a comedy but it's hard sometimes because people don't see you in a comedic way, even though I did most of my teen roles in comedies," she said. "This was perfect time and a perfect script."

Just not perfect for Dad.

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