Jon Stewart Will Never Let You Vote For Him

You can attend his rally in Washington, but you'll never be able to vote for Jon Stewart.

The "Daily Show" host went on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and vowed not to pursue public office, even though his show increasingly helps shape the political landscape.

"I would lose my mind almost immediately," Stewart said of a career in elected office. "My job is I make jokes. I don't solve problems. If my job became solving problems, I would suddenly become a lot less good at what I do, unless the problem being had by the country was a lack of jokes."

Stewart did put himself on the political stage with his planned "Rally to Restore Sanity," which takes place in Washington D.C. Oct. 30, just days before the November mid-term election. So far, more than 100,000 people have RSVP'd for Stewart's rally which means it could rival theone held by Fox News' Glenn Beck last month.

"I deny that I am powerful," Stewart told the queen of daytime talk. "Power implies an agenda that's being acted on. I'm not saying I'm powerless and in a vacuum. But if I really wanted to change things, I'd run for office. I haven't considered that, and I wouldn't -- because this is what I do well. The more I move away from comedy, the less competent I become."

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