Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer Looking Good in First “Lone Ranger” Pic

Yes, we've had out misgivings and frustrations about this project almost from day one, but we have to say that the first photo from "The Lone Ranger" looks about perfect.

Armie Hammer stars as the Lone Ranger, while Johnny Depp rides sidekick as Tonto in this still that was tweeted by producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

It's a new look for the ranger, sporting a black suit, as opposed to the pale blue get-up he made famous decades ago by Clayton Moore, but it works. And Depp has taken Tonto in a whole new direction as well, working something of a "Dead Man" vibe, far removed from Jay Silverheels' original take.

This film survived some bloated budget issues, very public finger-pointing which nearly resulted in the loss of director Gore Verbinski, and rumors that the story involved werewolves. And let's not forget that the whole project was very nearly scared to death by the failure of "Cowboys & Aliens."

But the first look is great, Hammer has promised The Playlist "there are no miracles and there are no shapeshifters," and "Rango" renewed our faith in Verbinski, so maybe this is gonna work out in the end.

"The Lone Ranger" co-stars Tom Wilkinson, William Fitchner, Helena Bonham-Carter and James Badge Dale, and opens May 31, 2013.

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